Limitless offer an extensive list of services, highlighted below; the list is based on real projects that we have completed. Given our team’s forty-plus person-years of professional experience, it can only be a summary – we have many other areas of expertise (such as assembly language, real-time data feeds, psychology of programming and designing for hand-held computers) not specifically mentioned here, but which may be relevant to a specific project.

For those clients who do not have, or do not want, a directly-connected web server, we also rent capacity on our own Unix-based web and database servers. Our production servers all reside on a diversely-routed network with no single point of failure. Limitless are also happy to work with other service providers or a client’s IT department.

  • Web site design and construction, from tens to thousands of pages
  • Development of on-line ordering systems and search engines
  • Integration of web pages with databases
  • Integration of web pages with back-end applications
  • Integration of web sites and PC applications
  • Automatic creation of web sites from files
  • Automatic generation of web pages from SQL databases
  • Web site hosting for all of the above
  • Migrating data from other sources onto the web


  • Specification and set-up of server hardware
  • Set-up and maintenance of server software
  • Set-up and maintenance of proxy servers and caches
  • Design and specification of intranets
  • Specification and set-up of internet connections
  • Coping with robots, agents and web crawlers
  • Set-up and maintenance of e-mail systems
  • Set-up and maintenance of autoresponders and distribution lists
  • Set-up and maintenance of FTP sites


  • Software design and development in almost any production language, including:
    • C, C++
    • Perl, Java, JavaScript
    • SQL
    • Unix scripting languages
  • Application development on any Unix system, or for PCs running Windows
  • Software tool design and development
  • Systems and networking software development
  • Consulting for software reliability, robustness and maintainability


  • Database design and development, especially for Oracle
  • Management of Oracle databases
  • Automatic generation of web pages from SQL databases
  • Optimisation of database performance
  • Backup, recovery and maintenance strategies
  • Database server specification and set-up


  • Design and development of graphical and non-graphical interfaces
  • Design of web site navigation
  • Design of page and form layouts
  • Optimising pages for speed and layout
  • Coping with different browsers
  • Coping with no graphics
  • Analysis and critique of existing sites and software


  • Set-up of computer systems and networks
  • Set-up and maintenance of automatic messaging and alerting systems
  • Management of Unix systems
  • Management of TCP/IP networks
  • Management of Oracle databases
  • Integration of existing systems with the Internet
  • Managing the behaviour of robots and agents
  • Design and deployment of backup and recovery systems
  • Disaster recovery planning


  • Set-up and maintenance of secure web servers
  • Set-up and maintenance of network firewalls
  • Set-up and maintenance of proxy and SOCKS servers
  • Auditing for vulnerabilities and signs of break-in
  • Designing sites for protection from attack
  • Consulting on realities of fraud and vandalism
  • Designing web applications with security in mind


  • Helping you understand the new opportunities of the net
  • Dealing with the need to be network-aware
  • Designing documents and sites for hyperlinking
  • Avoiding the mistakes of non-networked thinking
  • Coping with client/server and distributed architectures

Application areas

  • Banking and trading
  • On-line information systems
  • Encryption
  • Network management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Barcode systems
  • Hand-held computing