Limitless offer many different ways to help our clients create successful web projects, from short-term consultancy on specific issues of concern to acting as a part of a project team for the long haul. Whichever way we work with a client, we adhere to our fundamental philosophy, highlighted below.

solve problems

Our staff have been designing and developing computer-based solutions to real-world problems since the early 1980s. We know how to make software that’s usable by its target audience, that’s reliable and robust, and that can be easily adapted to changing needs. We also know what’s possible and practical with current technology and tools, and the limitations on what they can deliver.

when the rubber meets the road

There are an over-whelming number of issues to be faced when developing a site, including network traffic behaviour, controlling the layout of web pages, 24-hour availability of the site, concurrent access to client’s data, protection from computer criminals, maintaining the site’s content effectively, and keeping up-to-date with technology. Having built many web sites for many different purposes, we can use our knowledge and experience to help our clients take sensible decisions and avoid unworkable situations.


Building a site on the internet brings one face-to-face with a myriad of issues affecting how the user perceives your work; how long things take to download, what they look like on a PC instead of a Mac, how it looks to the 1 in 20 users that don’t see more than 550 pixels wide, how it looks on different browsers, whether the navigation around the site makes sense, and whether it’s worth including those cute whiz-bang Java or Active/X features. Only one thing is certain: what you see is what everyone else doesn’t. Limitless help our clients select the right mix of features for their target audience, and implement them in a form that works.

fill the gaps

Our broad range of knowledge in databases, networking, software development and user-interface design, and our ability to work with designers, marketeers and other non-technical people make us the best complement to your own creative staff, leaving them to concentrate on what they do best, and letting us fill the gaps with specific advice, design and implementation.

make things (net)work

Limitless are accustomed to doing what’s needed to get things working, and keeping them working. We’ve been setting up and maintaining Internet-based networks for over a decade, and already know how to solve the problems most network administrators are only just beginning to discover. Limitless have developed a range of licensable tools to monitor and maintain systems and networks automatically.

get things communicating

We’ve made it a habit to make different types of computer work together, because the world isn’t run on just one type of computer, especially once you hit the Net. In these days of internetworking, bridging the gaps between the computers of different vendors, different architectures and different locations is a vital skill in which we have years of experience.

handle diversity

Unlike many programmers and administrators, our background isn’t in just one line of products or systems, but in many. The Internet is all about diversity and integration, and developing a sophisticated web-based application can quickly exhaust the capabilities of even the most experienced PC- or Mac-based developer.

from one to many

We’re well-versed in developing true distributed, multi-user applications on large Unix-based networks, and we know how to avoid the many subtle and insidious problems that the stand-alone application programmer faces when bringing the desktop mentality to the network.