Limitless was formed in 1995 and our founders are veterans of the net, having already served over a quarter of a century between them on this new frontier. Our principals provide a unique mix of business experience, technical expertise and service excellence.

Julian Perry, Managing Director

Julian has more than twenty years experience of the Internet (and nearly thirty years of IT generally) which started when he installed and administered Unix systems connected via bits of string and masking tape (modems and X.25 running UUCP). Between then and starting Limitless he continued to develop very strong Unix and networking skills while at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories and as a freelance consultant.

Since starting Limitless he continues to be involved at the sharp end of the business helping to make our customers successful.


Strategic Partners

We have access to additional talented individuals to meet particular needs. In addition, we have associations with legal, marketing and design consultants specialising in net matters to round out our comprehensive portfolio of expertise.


We have worked with graphic design company Denison Design since 1995; their long commercial, consumer-oriented experience adds to the effectiveness and maturity of our sites.  We also work with Denison on a number of automotive projects.