Limitless are Internet developers and presence providers, formed to meet the needs of businesses and organisations. Our experience with the net, stretching back to the early eighties, combined with our background in software design, networking deployment, systems administration and application development ensures that we build technically excellent, effective and maintainable Internet solutions for our clients.

a full-service approach

To complement our technical skills we work with partners who provide marketing, strategic and design expertise for clients who require a full-service approach to site implementation. Our primary remit is to design the best possible solution for our clients, as defined by their and their customers’ needs.

software & graphic design

Many organisations are discovering the unexpected challenges associated with developing even moderately complex sites; for example, combining software and graphic design within the constraints of current networking and computer technology. The so-called WYSIWYG, user-friendly, web-site creation tools now on the market have severe limitations. These tools simply cannot create the kind of interactive, sophisticated sites that organisations must build to demonstrate their mastery of the web, ahead of their competitors.

beyond point-and-click

Building today’s effective and performant web site requires more than a knowledge of HTML and perl. The amount of technical knowledge that must be acquired to develop effective sites can be truly daunting for designers wishing to extend their capability beyond point-and-click tools. Limitless offer what you need to meet your customers’ needs today and tomorrow. We bring a detailed knowledge of many areas, from user interface and information design, through communications technology, to software design for robustness and maintainability.

experience & proven skills

Limitless’ experience and proven skills result in sites that are fast, easy-to-use and useful, for clients who need to implement such things as on-line databases, ordering systems, and other yet-to-be-created technologies on the sites and intranets they require.

prudent judgement

We make it our business to keep up with the fast-emerging technologies of the Internet, to ensure that we can develop the most appropriate solutions to our clients’ problems. Yet new is not always better, so we avoid dependence on unproven software or systems by relying on our development team’s prudent judgement, gained over more than a decade of mission-critical systems deployment.

extensive library

In addition, our extensive library of computing research and practical information helps us to be sure that we are applying the best methods and techniques to the solution of our clients’ problems.

fast & easy to use

As shown on our client pages, Limitless have produced sites at every level of complexity, from straightforward information provision to web-based product- ordering systems that conceal sophisticated browser-detection, database-access and tamper-proofing technology. However complex the sites, they are designed to be fast and easy to use for both first-time and frequent visitors.

lightening the burden

Limitless’ rôle is to create working solutions to the challenges that companies face as they attempt to break new ground on the Internet, lightening the burden of new technologies on those with other priorities.

To find out more about how we can help you, particularly if you are building web sites and need solutions to specific technical problems, please contact us.